Saline chlorination

Salt water chlorination is a simple electrolysis reaction of pool water with a slight concentration of usual salt, from 4 to 6 grams, almost imperceptible for the bather compared to sea water which reaches 35 gram per litter.



– Just add salt to the swimming pool
– The concentration is like the one of a tear
– Avoid the use and handle of chemical products
– No more skin, eyes, etc… irritation
– No more chlorine smell
– Do not damage hairs nor bathing suits
– Cleaner environment in the swimming pool
– Genera un ambiente más limpio en la piscina

– Very low working voltage; under 7,5 V
– There is no electrical risk for swimming pool users
– IP65 box to avoid humidity or corrosive gas insight
– No need to stock or handle corrosive products

– Enables water conservation for a longer period in good conditions which reduce the expenses
– The salt remains during the process and then transforms itself which involve chemical products purchase savings
– The system respect the environment
– Low electrical consumption thanks to the use of last generation electronic sources
– 90% of the expenses in chemical product are cut
– Minimum maintenance cost

Private swimming pools

We are offering full range of Salt Water Chlorinators for all kind of private swimming pools. We are covering from the Over Ground swimming pools up to big private swimming pools. In this sector of the market we offer wide range divided in three groups : PLUS, SMART and SMART-pH.  Our products and ranges try to cover all the market needs , from the most basic products ( PLUS series ) up to most advanced equipments which are offering different way to manage and control.

Commercial and public pool

We are offering a wide range of products from SMART and SMART-pH series to provide natural water treatment to the user of public swimming pools. We are offering productions up to 1000 grams / hour.


Our cells are produced under LLC concept property of BSPOOL ( Long Life Cell ), this concept give us the opportunity to produce more long life cells to enlarge the life of our chlorinators. The cells are totally produced by our company in order to control and offer to our customers up to 10.000 hours life in standard conditions.


The accessories we are offering are for the SMART and SMART-pH range of products and can be used for private models as well as for public models. With this accessories we can enlarge the options of our chlorinators.

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