• 30 years experience

  • Made in Spain

  • Custom manufacturing

BSV electronic division which takes care of the electronic products as well as the design and production of electronic PCBOARD and electrical panel for any industrial sector.


Division focus on the industry , we provide the best offer to get your production cost down and keep the quality.

Our brands:


for Industry

We are offering solution on detection control, supervision and power. We are distributing different products from the brands we represent which have an international and national good reputation.

Our brands:


OEM production

We can produce under your request:
— Electronic circuit boards
— Electrical connections
— Electrical panels

We offer flexibility and competitive price. Ask price free.


To keep all the process our company offer you the service of reparation of the electronic boards, configure the programs and the integration of our products in your installations.


C/ Ribera del Congost,
40 – pol. Ind. Sector V
Les Franqueses del Vallès
08520 Barcelona

GPS: N 41º 37′ 36” / E 2º 17′ 17”
Tel. +34 93 861 51 15
Fax +34 93 861 52 99