Quality Policy

The BSV ELECTRONIC, S.L. Quality Policy to achieve the objectives of continuous improvement of our Quality Management System is based on these points:

  1. Compliance of delivery terms of goods and technical questions, including supplier’s negotiations.
  2. Absence of nonconformities both in product bought and manufactured.
  3. Ease of use, configuration and installation of the supplied products.
  4. Competitiveness in our sector prices, both in sales prices and prices costs in purchases.
  5. Achieve the payment of all the sales.
  6. Personalization and adaptation of the product to the costumer.
  7. Continuous technical improvement to apply the specified requirements, goods reliability and sector novelties.
  8. Clarity in labelled and composition of the product.
  9. Documentary control of the product and its traceability.
  10. Complete and fast response to the customer.
  11. Specific knowledge of every workplace in the company.
  12. Continuous improvement in processes, parameters and quality indicators.
  13. Compliance of the legal requirements.