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Our BSPOOL brand is involved in international expansion this year 2015. Nowadays our company…


BSV Electronic has 3 different Unit Business, where energetic savings and efficiency are the most important characteristic of our products.



We design and produce salt chlorinator units for public and private swimming pools. Our commitment is to design products to disinfect swimming pools water without chemical products.


We are specialized in the marketing of LED lighting products. We have from the smaller signaling pilot to materials for large-scale works. Our division advises you to the best choice.


We have a long history selling electronic products as well as the designing and manufacturing electronic plates and pictures for any sector of industry.


BSV is a technological company that designs, manufactures and offers electronic solutions for swimming pools, water treatment and lighting professionals.
Our company has a global commitment to energetic savings. All our products are designed to respect this goal of energetic savings and sustainability. Our commitment to the environment goes beyond and all our internal processes are focused on this premise.



BSV Electronic SL was founded in 1984 by Mr. Luis Vila. It is a family business, now managed by the second generation, Jordi Vila, and a team of experienced people and really wants to work.
The company was created in order to be able to give electronic solutions to all the manufacturers in the area. Quickly, our company was occupying a niche market in different sectors. The natural evolution of the company reached the current three commercial divisions. Presently, our company manufactures 100% of the products in our country, giving a value to the brand MADE IN BARCELONA and MADE IN SPAIN and emphasizing our know-how and experience.


C/ Ribera del Congost,
40 – pol. Ind. Sector V
Les Franqueses del Vallès
08520 Barcelona

GPS: N 41º 37′ 36” / E 2º 17′ 17”
Tel. +34 93 861 51 15
Fax +34 93 861 52 99

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