Our BSPOOL brand is involved in international expansion this year 2015. Nowadays our company has distribution in Europe, West Europe, North Africa, South America, Central America , Middle east countries . BSPOOL is not satisfied with this distributions at all that’s why during 2015 we have planned to set up 10 new distribution countries. Our strategy consist on provide technical training to our distributors, we let them to know how to use perfectly, how to repair machines, how to design installations . We believe our distributors must have the same philosophy as us , we give them our 100% confidence and we move constantly to the countries to help them on the develop the market.

Currently this 2015 we have moved to Chezk Republic, Colombia, Mexico, Moroco, Portugal, Brasil, South Africa, Turkmenistan . We are focusing our efforts and enjoying when we see that the hard work we are doing is really well accepted wherever we go. For this reason we are constantly moving and travelling.

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