Constantly innovating: your Low Salt chlorinator

In BSV, we believe in change, innovation and development and in search new technologies to evolve and improve our products and we are proud to say that we are achieving it.

In line with the market trend of working with less salt concentration and producing more environmentally friendly and sustainable equipments, BSV brings to the market the Low Salt chlorinator, already available in our online catalogue.

As the name implies, it’s a salt chlorinator system that requires a lower concentration of salt per litre of water in pool maintenance. Whereas the others chlorinators of standard range of BSV requires about 2 grams of salt per litre ( 2 grams less than the usual optimum concentration), the Low Salt chlorinator requires only from 0,5 to 1 gram of salt per litre!. The advantages of Low Salt chlorinator are significant and striking, decreasing the amount of salt in our pool means an important salt saving and it’s perfect for stainless steel pools because is not agressive with metallic components.

On the other hand, the Low Salt chlorinator can be installed in private and public pools and it means that allows us to enjoy a more natural and perfect pool in all types of infraestructures.

In addition to the foregoing, this salt chlorinator offers you the possibility to use it in all the domotic control products and equipments that are on the market nowadays.

¿How does it means to have a Low Salt chlorinator with domotic control?. Among many other advantages, the chlorinator provides us an integral and remote management of our pool. The integral remote management of our pool means a carefull control of our pool to keep it always in perfect conditions without worries or stress.

Additionally, the Low Salt chlorinator can be used with all the domotic products and equipments availables on the market, and what that means for the pocket and the democratization of domotic products.

If you are thinking to make your pool more natural, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will offer you the best personalized advice.