Smart lighting is possible

After smartphones, smart TV and smart Cities, SMART LIGTHING is arrived.

Smart lighting is one of the most important application of domotic systems because is offering a lot of avantages. Using an smart lighting systems is possible to detect movement, switch on and off room lights and modify their intensity depending of real light.

There is more sophisticated possibilities, as modify lamps intensity depending what you want to do (Reading, sport, cooking…). Another interesting mode is house habitants simulation, where the system learn the usual activities to offer more realistic results. All these application are useful using smartphones, tablets, etc. With this sistema our life will be more confortable, flexible and efficient.

There is a lot of different software applications to control ligthing. A lot of sequences are now possible using Smart lighting.

And one of the most important news are that this technology has prices affordables.

BSLIGHT offer the main components of this range of products: wifi controllers, zigbee units to control different areas independently or touchable screens.

Reach this futuristic technologic for a mínimum cost.


TM01 TM08E wifi controller