Show Room BSV

New BSV Show Room

The past time has gone very fast and the developed of the products and Technologies has changed so much in the last times. Due all of this , and due BSV is a technological company we have remake our head office , transforming them in open space and comfortable to work. At the same time we have create our SHOW ROOM with our own designed and produced products from BSPOOL and BSLIGHT. With our commitment with the environment we have use for the lighting only LED using profiles and LED sources adapted to each work place. By this way we have get an important reduction of electrical consumption and better lighting efficiency in our offices.

In this transformation we have divided the SHOW ROOM in two parts , one focus on BSPOOL and water treatment and the other focus on BSLIGHT and all the LED luminaries.

With this transformation we hope to give better service to our customers.

Show Room BSVShow Room BSV