Reasons to use power contactors

The power contactors are mainly made up of the following elements that justify their necessary use in all our equipments.

*Auxiliary contacts:
The auxiliary contacts are acting at the same time of the main contacts, responsible for the opening and closing the auxiliary circuits and the control circuit of the contactor; They can be Normally opened (NO) or normally closed (NC) depending on the use wanted for the device.
They are essential not to overload (in Amperes) the breaker of the auxiliary devices like for example a chlorinator, and to let the filtration working in order to still supply the chlorinator.

*Extinguishing chambers or spark arrestors:
The extinguishing chambers and spark arrestors are the enclosures where are located the contacts. They make the breaking arc (short but high temperature current flow that happens when opening the contacts to cut the pump supply) longer: it is divided and then vanish, preventing over temperature when opening the contacts.
If we did not put contactors in our devices, the component that directly disconnect the pump would receive all the intensity of the breaking arc whether it is a programmer or a radio control… which would reduce the devices life expectancy as they are no prepared to receive such a strong current.
Though it is a little bit more expensive to integrate contactors to our devices, we consider that it is essential to reduce the braking down risks and to increase the device life expectancy.

*Total disconnection of the supply:
If there are no contactors, only a phase of the power supply is cut so the external element (The pump) which is controlled by the device will have an active phase. If the installer or the person in charge of the maintenance, think the pump is off and touch it, there is a risk of electrocution.
With the contactors we guarantee a 100% disconnection of the power supply until the pump, eliminating the accident risks.


We are glad to introduce you the video about salt water chlorinators for private pools. This video will show you how to install and hows does the devices CONCEPT PLUS, CONCEPT SMART and SMART pH work. We created this video in our advertising and communication policy; this is a support for the users and publicists for your outlet. The DVD will soon be delivered along with the devices, do not hesitate to ask for a copy if you need it.

To watch the video you can follow the link bellow:



Our company has always bet on technology and the sustainable use of the swimming pools to save energy and also to enjoy water in perfect conditions with minimum use of Chemicals products. In this context our company is glad to introduce the house automation system for the complete control of the swimming pool. KLEREO is a system that enables the wireless remote control of the swimming pool with the possibility to control the swimming pool via Internet. This system enables the control of:

– Filtration
– Lighting
– Heat pump
– Automatic pool cover
– Auxiliaries like automatic pool cleaner, garden lights etc…
– Control and dosage of the chlorination ( Salt, liquid chlorine, bromine , oxygen … )
– pH Control and dosage

You can contact us to ask for a demonstration of the product. For further information you can also connect to .


New Catalogue Tariff BS ELECTRONIC


We are glad to inform you that the new BS ELECTRONIC price list will take effect on February the 15th, with our best offer in industrial automation and electrical material. You can download the new price list in pdf from our downloading area on our web site.
The catalogue-tariff is a guide, to quickly and precisely identify the wanted product or line of products. For further technical information or to get the product’s homologations and certifications you can click on the pdf on the same section: Industrial automation, product brand, product line.
ISKRA, MSUN, RAAS CONTROL, SALZER are some of the brand we are representing. They benefit from a strong experience and are worldwide known. Do not hesitate to contact us to know the best condition we can offer you.

New one-colour and RGB regulator and controller for LED devices

With the equipments RMC, RMC-S and RMC-VR you can control all your lighting projects with a one-colour system and regulate the luminous intensity of any LED device, whatever its tension or power. It is available in manual system, via radio and Infrared with remote control to adapt to any project.

To control your installation with DMX512 we introduce you the new 0308CV which is a DMX-PWM convertor to connect the traditional LED strips to a DMX512 already existing. Those devices can be used as a DMX-PWM convertor or also as amanual RGB controller. They have loads of functions to generate fixed colours or to manage the colour changing effects.


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BSPOOL launch his new campaign ENJOY…SALT, aimed to emphasize the benefits of salt water chlorination for private but also public swimming pools. We hope that you will like this new advertising campaign that will last all the year 2012. Following its policy of sustainability and energy saving, BSV named the eco-designer Núria Vila responsible for this campaign. The materials used for the campaign are recycling and ecologic. All the posters and leaflets are printed on a stone paper that can be wet!!! Enjoy with the new campaign BSPOOL ENJOY…, SALT.

Barcelona’s swimming pool exhibition 2011


You were many to attend the barcelona’s swimming pool exhibition from the 18th to the 21st of november and we were very glad to welcome you at our stand.
It was the occasion to show you our latest models of salt water chlorinators and our automation and domotic devices for public and private swimming pools as well as our large range of swimming pools LED projectors.