Tricks and advices to maintain your swimming pool in perfect conditions

There is nothing better than a great swimming pool to enjoy the beautiful times during the good weather. Swimming pool is the best solution to bring fun for the whole family, good quality of life, relax, welfare and a refreshing splash in the pool. Furthermore, thanks to the new technological systems, nowadays we can enjoy the privilege to refresh in a pool at any period of the year and extend the fun to our convenience.

To keep your pool in good condition, you have to bear in mind it needs an effective and constant care for proper functioning. As users who enjoy all the good that offers a pool, we also know that it is essential to maintain a regular cleaning and keep the water always as pure as possible. For each case we have different maintenance methods, that we detail now if they have a salt chlorinator:

1 – During the winter, the pool may have suffered some wear and tear, the materials may suffer from any imperfections or breakage, so you need to check if you have to do a repair. In this case, the best to fix it is the use of epoxy, which adheres perfectament in water.

2 – The next step is cleaning. Never use soap, as it can react with chlorine. In this case we use acids and brushes.

3 – Before re-fill the pool, it is very important to review the purifying plant. It is essential that the pump and filter are perfect, because they are responsible for cleaning our pool daily. Once revised, we add salt and perform a filtering process for 24 hours to dissolve.

4 – We also have to check pool has a proper hygiene and the water has the necessary quality for bath water. With the saltwater chlorinator now no longer need to worry about water quality, because they are disinfecting it in an easy way and through a completely natural process.

5 – If you do not have an automatic dispenser pH you have to check if this one is within the parameters marked.

6 – Every day clean well the surface of the pool. It is recommended daily, withdraw leaves that may have, as well as other waste that will annoy your pool.

7 – It is recommended to use a tarp to cover the pool. This makes the evaporative water loss decreases as well as maintaining an optimal temperature. Similarly, you can also install a reservoir to store the rain water to use it.

8 – When the warm weather comes to an end, it is not necessary to drain the pool, because the saltwater chlorinator have not generated waste in the water, which we will obtain a significant saving in this part.

9 – During the winter it is recommended to filter one or two hours daily to keep the water in perfect condition and when the season restart we can enjoy our pool from the first day.

Now those points are explained, we have only one thing to say: Enjoy our swimming pool!